The excellence of a restaurant, the atmosphere of a hotel

Stop off between Verona and Vicenza to relish the unforgettable flavours of Le Muse Chef Restaurant & Country Lodge in Locara di San Bonifacio. For chef Davide Piva, cooking is all about experimenting and impressing his patrons. His secret? A cuisine to reawaken the senses, a gourmet experience of discovery that is never repetitive.
Le Muse is not only a restaurant. Emanuele Cederle and his wife Carla offer the hospitality of an exclusive hotel, in a setting of extraordinary beauty and elegance.

Turn your visit into an extra special stay by reserving one of the 23 rooms and suites that make the hotel such a comfortable and practical choice for both business trips and holiday retreats.
Le Muse is where tradition and innovation, dining and hospitality come together into a swirl of taste sensations and pleasant experiences, creating a space in which to sit back and enjoy a relaxing time.


A flavoursome menu of unmistakeable character for patrons looking to take a break and munch on a tasty hamburger or whatever else tickles their fancy! The kitchen is open till 11:30pm.



Chef Davide Piva’s wholesome and inspiring cuisine, made of top quality ingredients, expert precision and flavoursome tastes, is a trump card for people looking to relish new taste sensations without forgoing the peace of mind of fresh, healthy food that is a joy for the eye and palate



An oasis of peace between Verona and Vicenza, tucked away from the traffic and conveniently located near the cultural and gourmet routes of Lake Garda and the Berici Hills. With their unique blend of refined taste and modern design, each of the rooms and suites are stylishly furnished to create a harmonious, welcoming environment for your relaxation and well-being.



Put yourself in the able, professional hands of the experienced catering team at Le Muse for perfect and unique business events and memorable important moments. We can advise you in the choice of the best locations, led by your own tastes and sensibilities.